Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time for Adepticon!

It is time for Adepticon again.  My team and I are going back for what is hopefully a repeat performance from last year.  We won the team tournament and to date no one has gone back to back.  Maybe we can be the first!

We are Big Damn Heroes.

I will be getting in on Thursday night and I'll be looking for some 'high profile' competition. Maybe Reecius will be around and interested in a rematch from our Championships finals match.

I for sure need to play another game against the tactical genius that is Jwolf after the spanking he gave me what I was playing the blogfather's Tau. Seen here.

Last year I did pretty well in the championships but after 9 straight tournament game wins my dice finally ran out of gas.  Hopefully this year I can extend that win streak all the way to 12.

Maybe I'll see some of you guys there.  I'll be the guy in the WC t-shirt and custom TPM nikes.