Monday, October 11, 2010

First Crack at a Dark Eldar Army List

 I got a chance to look at the dark eldar codex and there are some interesting changes from the previous dex. (thank goodness)  I think raider spam is a thing of the past and we're going to see some use of those great looking new Reaver Jet Bikes.

Duke Silslus - lets you roll twice on the poison chart and lets you have the option of deep striking your raiders and venoms.

Baron Sathonyx - +1 on the roll to see who goes first, gives his hellion unit Stealth, gives himself +2 str on the charge. Has a shadow field, also makes the Hellions a troop choice.

Hellions x 20
Stun Claw

Reavers x 7
Heat Lance x 2
Caltrops (d6 str 6 hits on the fly over)

Reavers x 7
Heat Lance x 1
Caltrops (d6 str 6 hits on the fly over)

3 x 10 man
Hydra Gauntlets x 2
Hekatrix w/ Blast Pistol
Raider w/ flicker field

9 man
Hydra Gauntlets x 1
Hekatrix w/ blast pistol and power weapon
Raider w/ flicker field

True Born
5 man
Blaster x 3
Raider w/ flicker field

1999 pnts

Lot of mobility and just about everyone can take advantage of the combat drugs.

Shouldn't be too terrible to get the wytches into close combat even if you feel the need to deep strike them.

Not sure that 5 raiders are enough but I do think that the Reavers will do some heavy damage to long fang units in the first turns of the game with their fly by attacks.

The 20 man hellions 'should' have enough lasting power to snatch and grab any troublesome independent characters and get them out of the fight.


Shinkaze said...

I think everything in the new Dex is at least somewhat playable except for the troop choices. They blow quite a bit. I think the key to troops will be Hellions and Wracks. I suppose Wyches will stand up in HtH once they have a Pain token but that means you need to buy Doctors cause it's alot to ask for them to kill something unless they are accompanied by an IC.

Ahrimaneus said...

I would drop the 9-man wych squad for a squad of warriors with Splinter Cannon in a raider with splinter racks to get the most out of the Duke's 3+ poison ability. Also, the Wyches really need a Hekatrix Agonizer more than they do a blast pistol. If it comes down to them to pop a tank, then your CC squad really isn't doing its job. Not to mention standard wyches really don't put on enough hurt without it, particularly against MEQ. I'd also be more inclined to take the Shardnet+impaler than the hydra gauntlets in order to minimize return swings/casualties. Going after the Sanguinor and dumping wounds on him and watching him only get 3 attacks back is just hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Especially if you have an Archon with husk/clone field in that unit, and you laugh as all his attacks are voided and you proceed to extract his soul for +3 ;)

pablo said...

then drop one trueborne, keep the the four blasters and their sliscus can now embark on a venom. remember trueborne minimum is 3 not five do plenty of room; you don't need a dracon with a blast pistol if you have 4 blasters already!

Warhammer 40k said...

I'm not a massive fan of the new miniatures however the new codex sounds like a lot of fun and very different from the other Codexs out there.

SaarkVanSoor said...

Replace the Trueborn Raider with a Venom. You don't need the extra room in the Raider and the Venom is better equipped for the points (with the cannon upgrade.)

Losing that one Dark Lance is irrelevant with the number of heat lances you're toting elsewhere. The points saved could either put a another Heat Lance into the second Reaver squad or a fourth Blaster in the Trueborn. Then the total anti-infantry nature of the Trueborn unit solidifies with a 6" move, all four blasters firing, the remaining splinter rifle in the squad, plus the twin Splinter Cannons on the Venom. A truly poisonous deluge.

somewhatdamaged said...

unfortunately he can't do that; but for a completely different reason.
Sliscus HAS to be deployed with the trueborn (because of 'the serpents venom' rule), as he has no other units of warriors/trueborn; meaning that if he takes a venom, they wont fit into it with 6 models ;)

tpm_bloodangel said...

Good catch!

I made some revisions on this list and expanded the commentary on a soon to be published article over on BOLS.